The Restaurant

For centuries the English Inn has earned a great reputation for friendly faces, cozy rooms and cheery firesides. As soon as guests come to the Inn, the charming hosts and hostesses run to greet them.

In front of a crackling fire one can partake of good hearty fare - the tankard is always full - the spit hung with roasting beefs - and a table heaped with sweets and such.

The Inn Keepers of the Summit House are inspired by this custom to create an hospitable place where friends can meet to eat, drink and delight in the views of North Orange County's countryside.

To one and all, welcome!

Gary Parkinson - Proprietor
Mark Elliott - Proprietor/General Manager



Serving Hours:

Dinner - Nightly from 5.00pm
Lunch - Tuesday - Friday 11.30 to 2.30




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